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Dear friend, 

Are you the type of guy that can’t seem to find time to juggle all the women in your life? 

Does it seem as though women just naturally gravitate towards you and in some cases, will fight with other women for your attention? 

Do your friends get upset because the women they like secretly want to be with you? 

Do you ever wonder how some guys can’t even land a date yet you have to turn your phone off to avoid all the calls from women just dying to be around you? 

Whether you believe it or not, there are a select group of men out there who experience these problems (if you want to call them that). 

For them, the problem is not getting a woman; it’s deciding which one he’s going to have to drop because he can’t fit them all into his busy dating schedule. 

Nearly every woman that he comes into contact with is attracted at most and curious at the very least to know more about him. Simply put, he’s intriguing to the female race in every capacity. 

You probably have a friend or perhaps you’ve met someone who can be considered a member of this select group. You know the type of guy I’m talking about. He’s the guy that every other guy wishes they could be when it comes to women. 

Some men are even (dare I say) intimidated by his possession of power with women. All we can do is watch idle while he almost magically draws women to him. 

He can walk into a room and have every set of female eyes locked on him and he does it both instantly and effortlessly. 

And the crazy thing is that he seems almost unmoved by all the attention. It’s simply just the norm for him like the way he walks or talks. 

Not having his pick of the litter when it comes to women would seem like something completely absurd to him. 

And for this reason, his demeanor with women is a little different than many men. 

And it’s completely different from those men who struggle to get dates. And because of that, he gets even more dates. 

It’s like the rich guy who has more money than he knows what do with and wins the lottery while the poor guy who works 2 jobs and brown bags it every day has bills that just keep adding up. 

Seems Rather Ironic, Don't You Think? That Some Men Have To Bend Over Backwards Chasing Down A First Date While Other Men Who Could Seem To Care Less Can Basically Waive A Wand And Have A Woman At Their Beck And Call…

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So what is it about these guys that women are so attracted to? 

What makes them so intriguing and special? 

Is it the way they dress or their money or the kind of car that they drive? 

In some cases that stuff does play a role, but the truth is I’ve seen men who are dead broke, don’t have a driver’s license or a car, can’t dress to save their lives who display this virtually magical power over women of all kinds. 

And this power I speak of, it isn’t something one can see with the naked eye but rest assured, it’s alive and well. And men all over the world are using it to seduce any woman at anytime and in some cases without even trying. 

What I am about to say may sound rather blunt, but it's important that I say it...

If you are on this website right now, my guess is that you need help: 

Meeting Women 

Attracting Women 

Approaching Women 

Getting A Date 

Keeping A Woman Interested In You 

Or all of the above. And that's fine. Because I'm here to help you. 

Before We Go Any Further, I Would Like To Take A Moment To Introduce Myself And More Importantly Why You Should Care About Anything That I Have To Say… 

My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist and I have been helping people improve their lives through hypnosis for over 25 years. 

By this time next year, I will have my Doctorate in Education.  I currently hold A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in the mid 80's, I began study at the University of Florida with my primary research being cognitive psychology, which focuses on understanding how people learn. 

Much of my early research was published in psychology journals in the late 80's. I tell you that not to brag but to illustrate my experience with the study of the human mind, the mechanics of why people respond the way they do to certain stimuli and how people apply what they learn. 

At one time in my life, I (much like you) was fascinated with this “unseen power” that I mentioned a few minutes ago. I wanted to know if it was actually real. 

"Was it a trait?" "Was it a skill set?" "Was it pure luck?" These were the questions that I was constantly asking myself. 

And So I Set Out On A Journey To Find The Answers To These Questions And Ultimately Discover Exactly How This Phenomenon Actually Occurs 

I wanted to determine if this is something that certain men are born with like a God-given talent or if it is something that can be learned, developed and mastered like a highly effective skill. 

My journey was certainly not a short one. In fact, it took me nearly 10 years to put all the facts together. 

But I am happy to say without a shadow of a doubt that the "unseen power” is not something men are born with. And it can in fact be learned. Because the "unseen power" is nothing more than the knowledge of knowing what women want. 

Once you know that, you can use certain tools to effectively attract them. 

You see, the only difference between you and the guy who can't keep track of all the women he meets is that he just has more knowledge than you. 

He knows what women want and are attracted to and you simply do not. 

And because he has this information about women, he can use the "unseen power" effectively. 

But don't worry because at one point, he didn't know this either. He learned and applied his knowledge just as you will. 

Make no mistake, even the guys who seem like they were just born with the ability to pick up women; were not. They just got their hands on the information at an early age. 

Perhaps they had a father or older brother who had the power and enlightened them. Or perhaps they got the information from the best source of all… a female. Maybe their older sister or cousin told them the secrets. 

Whatever the reason may be, the point is that the "unseen power" is nothing more than information that you don't have right now; which is part of the reason it's "unseen". 

That Information Again, Is Knowing What Women Want And Are Attracted To. But There's A Little More To It Than That…

You also have to know how to use that information to your advantage; otherwise it's useless. It's like knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of the other team without knowing how to execute the plays of the game; making you destined to lose. 

Using my knowledge in both Cognitive Psychology and Hypnotherapy, I decided to create a system that would serve almost as a "tool belt" when dealing with women. Something that one could call a playbook filled with different techniques to attract and pickup women. 

The system was built on a platform of Neuro Linguistic Programming - or NLP for short – which is a skill set that uses various techniques including pacing, mirroring, leading, pattern interrupt, reframing to name a few. This enables one to effectively communicate with others by linking the neurological, language and behavioral patterns of that person through programming. 

Long Story Short, My System Would Equip Any Man On Earth With The Transcendent Ability To Pickup A Woman Using The Power Of Hypnotic Influence 

Hypnosis, in its rawest form is nothing more than being in a relaxed state of mind. This is known as the alpha state. When a person is in the alpha state, you can implant messages into their subconscious mind, which will result in them taking certain actions that are conducive to the messages. 

For example, if you want to stop smoking I would help you achieve that goal by getting you into an alpha state and implanting messages into your mind, which are directly linked to everything related to quitting and or not smoking at all. 

My system for picking up women essentially involved the same techniques of implanting messages in her mind to get her to take certain actions. 

Before I go any further, please don't misunderstand what I am saying. I wasn't brainwashing women into being my self-serving zombies or anything remotely close to that. I was simply using an effective strategy to influence her thoughts and decisions. 

This is something that people do everyday in all types of settings including family, business and social settings, sometimes without even realizing it. 

Do you ever find yourself speaking differently to different people? You may have a conversation with one person in a completely different manner using completely different words than you would with someone else. 

Do you ever notice that sometimes you use the same words as the person you are speaking with to describe something, but you typically won't use those words when talking to someone else. 

Isn't it fair to say that sometimes you change your body language when speaking to certain people? 

These are all natural actions that we take that help us communicate more effectively with others. 

Now imagine if we could identify these behaviors and consciously perform them at any time with the direct purpose of influencing others. Well, that essentially was how my system worked. 

The reason my system worked so well and I was able to help so many people achieve the alpha state so effectively is that I had them sitting on a comfortable couch in my Beverly Hills office, listening to relaxing music. 

That's a bit more difficult to do when you just meet someone and only have a few seconds to start influencing them. 

And while I certainly could teach people how to perform instant inductions (where you put someone into a trance instantly) I'm not sure that would be the best way to start relationships with women. 

Therefore, I Had To Create A System That Was Somewhere Right In The Middle…

In other words, the system had to enable a man to get a woman into an alpha state in a short amount of time without using instant inductions. 

That's where NLP came in. It was the perfect avenue for me to integrate traditional hypnosis and instant inductions. 

What I had on my hands was an attraction and dating system that worked like a well-oiled machine. And I felt great. 

I took all the education, experience and skills within my craft and created something that men could use to improve their chances of landing a date. 

People from all over the world were writing me letters and e-mailing me to tell me how my system had changed their lives.  

Guys who were spending Saturday evenings alone in their apartments playing video games were now taking out a different woman every weekend and in the process enhancing their social skills and self-esteem. 

They were experiencing a life they had only dreamed of in the past. 

It was truly a life-changing moment for me to know that I had helped so many men bring a greater sense of happiness and enjoyment to their lives. 

Then one day I received an e-mail from a young man who was quite happy with his results, but he wanted to know how my system was different or more effective than those created by dating expert Carlos Xuma. 

Being immersed in research about dating for nearly a decade, I knew very well who Carlos Xuma was. 

Carlos is a dating and attraction advisor, as well as a motivational and life counselor. I knew he had authored many books including The Dating Black Book, Approach Women NOW, Secrets of the Alpha Man, the Alpha Immersion DVD program and the Advanced Audio Coaching Series

I had seen and read about his proven strategies on ABC and CBS as well as Maixim Radio, About.com. and even Playboy. 

I Knew This Guy Was The “REAL Deal” When It Came To Women, Dating And Relationships 

But I also knew that his teachings were much different than mine and so I must say, my curiosity was instantly sparked. 

I began researching Carlos’ professional works as well as the countless articles that he had written and was quite amazed. 

This guy's track record with helping men be more successful with women was miles long. And it didn't take me long to figure out why, Carlos had the "unseen power". He knew exactly what women wanted. 

But not only did he have the information, he had an ABUNDANT amount of it! 

The amount of knowledge that he had about women was nothing short of mind-blowing. 

He could tell you 20 things that women want and 20 mistakes that most guys make in about 1 minute flat. 

He could show exactly why women use the "Let's just be friends" excuse and why they go after "jerks". 

He knew what "Nice Guy" behaviors every man must get rid of to attract women. 

He could tell you exactly why the woman you are sending flowers to is on the phone with her ex-boyfriend (who supposedly never even took her out). 

He had all the answers to the things that were obvious, but never made sense in the world of men and women and dating. 

But even better than that, he had techniques, strategies and systems to protect men from falling into these "love traps". 

I couldn’t believe how effective and empowering his systems were, all without the use of hypnosis. And that’s what I found to be so fascinating. 

Carlos’ systems were just as effective as mine, yet they were built on a completely different platform.  

You See, When It Comes To Knowing What Women Want And What They Are Attracted To, I Would Venture To Say That No One Has The Unseen Power More Mastered Than Carlos Xuma! 

My techniques are based on influencing the mind of the person you are trying to persuade. In reality, they can be used on a male or a female at anytime. I just tailored them toward dating and relationships. 

Carlos on the other hand, developed strategies based exclusively on the way women think. 

I Thought To Myself "I Wonder Whose Strategies Are More Effective?" 

On the one hand, you have a system structured around hard science and the psychology of the mind. And on the other hand, you have a system designed by a guy who probably knows more about what women want then just about anyone. 

I had to get the answer! 

I immediately called the Editor of my website and told him to schedule a conference call with Carlos so that I could pick his brain and find out just how much he knew about women. I would allow him to do the same. 

We could basically share ideas and secrets with one another and ultimately enhance our dating systems far beyond what they could have ever been without the level of expertise from the other person. 

Synergistically combining hypnotic influence and Carlos’ time-tested proven strategies would result in a system unparalleled in its ability to empower any man to attract any woman at any time. 

When we got on the phone, I asked Carlos if he minded if I recorded the conversation because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. 

I could hear the crackle in his voice when he responded “Uh, you want to record me, Steve?” I knew right away he was a bit reluctant to have me tape him. 

And Why Shouldn't He Have Been? He Was About To Divulge A Ton Of Priceless Information; As Was I. 

In fact, if the tables were turned and Carlos was asking me if he could record us, I may have just thought he was going to sell my secrets for thousands of dollars. 

Truth be told, we were both a little apprehensive about pulling pack the curtain on some of our most valued wisdom, knowledge and secrets. Heck, the both of us could make a killing selling just bits and pieces of this stuff. 

I guess in the end, our conscience’s got the better of us because we knew deep in our hearts that if we joined forces and unmasked some of our most beneficial and treasured secrets to men around the world, their chances of being successful would be that much more enhanced than if they owned anything we created independently. 

And Alas, The Date Mentors Program Was Born! 

So let's get down to the nitty gritty. What exactly is the Dating Mentors Program? 

Well you certainly won't find any lengthy reading or numerous chapters. There are no fancy covers or fluff. 

The result is the raw, uncut inside story on picking up women and knowledge exchange between Carlos Xuma and me; Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.. 

Simply put, you are going to get the rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall as 2 of America's foremost experts in Dating and Influence share some of their most treasured secrets for about 3 hours. 

That’s right, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. is going to grill Carlos Xuma and Carlos Xuma is going to milk me, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. like a fat cow for everything I’ve got! 

Here's just a taste of what will be revealed: 

    The Essential Component To The Successful Pickup - Without it, failure is almost guaranteed. Be sure to pay close attention as this gem is revealed. 

    Steve's Hypnotic Attraction Technique To Gain The Essential Component – Knowing what is needed is half battle. Here Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. will show exactly how to attain the Essential Component. 

    Carlos’ Covert Technique That Helps Guys Who Are Broke And Unattractive – Let’s face it, some guys have the odds stacked up against them. Regardless of what may be holding you back, this will ensure your success. 

    How to Gain Confidence Even When You Strike Out – Striking out is part of the game. Unfortunately, for many men the game ends here. Learn what separates those who strike out and remain lonely from those who strike out and gain even more confidence from doing so. 

    Secret Psychological Triggers That Permeate Female Defense Mechanisms – Females are defensive by nature. Unless you can disarm their shields, you will never have opportunity to let them see the Real you. 

    Why Flying In Under The Radar Is So Important And How To Do It – Don’t be like the many dateless guys who break this rule by ignoring it’s importance. 

    How To Speak The Same Language As A FemaleCommunication is key. You must be able to speak to her on her level. If not, she will seek the man who does. 

    Expert Rapport Building – The level of rapport that you have is directly related to the level of success you will have. After this, you’ll be a full blown expert at building rapport. 

    How To Create An Instant Connection With A Woman Without Even Saying One Word To Her – Imagine having the ability to connect with a woman without even talking to her. This advantage truly is “unseen”. 

    How To Weave Commands In Your Sentences – Make no mistake; when speaking to a woman, every word you utter can either move you closer or shatter your chances. Learn how to consistently move forward with your words. 

    The Top Mistakes That Most Men Make And Never Even Realize – This is what separates the men from the boys. Remember, you can never improve something that you can’t first see. 

    Carlos' Two Part System On The Most Important Element In Attracting, Connecting And Getting A Phone Number – In this one simple step, Carlos Xuma will show you how to improve your chances of getting the phone number every single time. 

    The 2 Essential Elements To The Pickup Line – What you may not realize is that most men push women away because they don't have them. Don’t be another lonely statistic.  

    The Secret To Reconnecting With Women – Reconnecting is just as important as connecting. After all, what will you do after the first date? You no longer have to worry abut that. 

    The Art Of Teasing And Why Women Love It – Be careful, if you do this wrong, you'll crash and burn. If you do it right, they’ll praise you like a king.  

    Day Game Mastery - The one method that any guy can use to increase  
    his ability to meet women ANYWHERE - and not have to waste his time,  
    energy, and money on loud bars and clubs just to meet women that  
    aren't his caliber... 

    How To Remove The Single Biggest Obstacle When Approaching A Woman – Contrary to popular belief, it's not your appearance or inner fear. 

    Identifying Key Indicators in Women – Discover where her hot buttons are so you know just the perfect time to make your move. 

    The Effective Use Of Voice Resonance - How to maximize your own  
    vocal ability to communicate confidence and power to women - and  
    command attention in any conversation instantly... 

    Why The Bulldog Approach Will Not Only Cause You To Fail But Drain Your Emotional Reserves In The Process – Learn why trying to talk to every woman that you see in the street will drain of you of energy you could use to land a date with the right one. 

    What Women Really Expect From Men – Perhaps the most treasured secret of all; having this single piece of information could be all you ever need to attract women. 

    The Top 4 Places To Meet Women – Learn where you find women just waiting to be picked up and swept off their feet. 

    How To Identify And Capitalize On The Interest Signals Of Women - You only have a few minutes before they are lost forever so you need to move fast if you want the gold. 

    How To Stand Out From Every Other Guy Who Approaches Her Without Being Weird Or Creepy – This will truly position you to be the guy she thinks about all day….in a good way. 

    And much more.....
This is the complete uncut, unedited, inside story on attracting, connecting with and dating women in its purest form shared by 2 of the nation’s principle leaders in the areas of dating, attraction and influence. 

And today you can capitalize off of all the information that Carlos and I have to share without even owning anything! 

That's Right; We're So Certain About The Advantage That You Will Gain From Listening To This Recording That We Don't Even Want You To Buy It. Instead, We Would Rather You Borrow It For 60 Days. 

Here’s how it works. Simply put, Carlos and I are uncovering techniques that we could easily charge people thousands of dollars to learn on this call, but because we want to reach and help as many men as possible, we are going to allow you to test drive it for just $27.97 for sixty days

Yes, for less than the price of lunch in most cities, you can experience what took us years to learn, create and master. 

Sure we could sit here and give you every reason why you should invest your hard-earned money in the momentous occasion to hear the secrets revealed on women, but we're not.  

Instead, we're going to let you try it out and see for yourself how “REAL” this actually is. 

No games, no gimmicks, no fluff....just the low-down on attracting women through hypnotic influence paired with the proven "women-wants" based strategies of Carlos Xuma. 

And that’s what makes this experience so much better than anything else on earth. 

This can’t even really be called a “dating product”. It’s more like the privilege to eavesdrop as 2 guys with a ton of experience in attracting, dating, seducing and ultimately forming relationships (of all kinds) with women trade their greatest gems. 

The Fact Is You Can Search High And Low, But You Won’t Find An Opportunity Like This Anywhere Else In The World…

And the first reason I say that is because it will expose you to both the information and the tools to make that knowledge advantageous to you. 

The second reason I say that is because no 2 men are more qualified to help you in this area. Go ahead and check our credentials. 

And the third reason I say this opportunity is both rare and unmatched is because you don’t even have to buy anything.  

Think of it as movie rental. If you don’t like it for any reason, you don’t own it anyway so you’ve lost nothing. 

But when you hear it and realize just how incredible and valuable the content is, I ask that you promise me 2 things: 

  1. Don’t abuse the “unseen power” (you guys know what I’m talking about)
  1. Let as many men know about it as possible. Spread the wealth.
Remember, no man should have to go through life lonely and without the company of a woman, wondering if he’ll ever find his dream girl (or a girl period). 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Once you have the “unseen power”, be a good sport and help a guy who needs it just as you did at one point. 

So let me ask you: how much would you say its worth to be able to hear the secrets of these attraction experts exposed in every capacity? 

How much is it worth to you to be able to never have to worry about picking up another woman in your life? 

Is this something you could even put a price tag on? 

Well since we know that price shouldn’t even be an issue but usually always is, we have made it our number one priority to provide you with the most information as humanly possible at a completely undervalued price. 

And here’s how we’re going to do that. You're going to receive six audio recordings. The first three are Carlos interviewing Steve on his powerful hypnotic dating techniques (90 minutes total). The other three are Steve interviewing Carlos on his powerful techniques that have transformed countless men's dating lives (90 minutes total).

Aside from the 180 minute recording of Carlos and I sharing some of our greatest secrets, we are each going to throw in some huge bonuses in the form of some empowering resources that we both have created to help men in the dating arena. 

Here’s What You Can Consider A Free Gift……. 

First from me, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. you will receive: 

My Dating Success Power pack consisting of one audio book and four Gold hypnosis recordings including:  

#1 - Hypnotic Techniques For Dating Success - Two Hour Audio Book:
Learn how to:
  • Change your self-talk and make yourself a positive person.
  • Master the NLP technique of anchoring to make yourself confident in ANY dating situation.
  • Embed NLP Analog Marking commands in your conversations that will cause people to instantly obey.
  • Take control of ANY situation by mastering the power of direct commands.
#2 - Increase Dating Confidence - 30 Minute Gold Hypnosis Recording:
Subconsciously reprogram yourself to:
  • Approach beautiful women WITHOUT fear.
  • Ask for phone numbers of beautiful women.
  • Be calm, relaxed and in charge while dating beautiful women.
  • Be a man who has many beautiful women calling him consistently.

#3 - Achieve Love Magnetism - 30 Minute Gold Hypnosis Recording.
Subconsciously reprogram yourself to:

  • Increase the sexual desire that women feel for you
  • Choose only the relationships that will benefit you.
  • Attract to yourself highly desirable women.
  • Become the alpha male in ANY situation.

#4 - Master Charisma - 30 Minute Gold Hypnosis Recording.
Subconsciously reprogram yourself to:
  • Increase your natural charisma 110%.
  • Establish yourself as the leading man in every scene that you enter.
  • Allow every part of your personality to shout that you are the most charismatic person anyone has ever met.
  • Move up every social latter in your life with your new-found confidence in who you really are.

These Powerful Secrets of Hypnosis Will Increase And Enhance Your Dating Success! 

And remember, these Gold Recordings were mastered in my brand new, custom built, state-of-the-art recording studio, which is staffed by my team of full time college graduate sound engineers who have prior experience working on feature films. 

Now here’s what Carlos is willing to give away absolutely free: 

The Alpha MANifesto Ebook which reveals: 

    • The One Thing you need in your search for better skills with women(page 7) 

    • How a REAL life pickup artist student escaped from the world of "seduction" and became a REAL man, and how he finally got the woman he wanted without having to use a single "routine" (page 8-11) 

    • My personal history - and how one of my homemade "attraction" routines works from the inside out... (page 14) 

    • The Most Important Choice You Will Make In Your Life... and if you screw this one up - you're really in trouble...(page 16) 

    • How your reality is being messed with... And the Big Mistake that guys are making with their "confidence..." (page 18) 

    • Why pickup routines and lines don't improve your skills or your confidence.... (page 20) 

    • My 5-minute super-routine to start earning attraction and pickup skills - including the one pickup "fad" that can cripple your ability with women... (page 22 to 30) 

    • Why you can't hide your need for a woman - and why you don't have to, giving you an edge over all other guys...(page 31-33) 

    • The "Think Barrier," And how this one concept can make the difference between a powerful leader or just another member of the herd...(page 34)  

"Dating Tips for Guys - POWER PACK" 

A compilation of exclusive short video tips, where you will learn: 

    • How you get in your own way when you 

    • Your "reality check" on whether or not you're being too "nice" with women - and how you get past it to attract her naturally, and with no effort... 

    • The losing strategy of the "thin rope," and the way you can attract women and be GENUINE with women.... 

    • How to talk to women - Sun Tzu's strategies for approaching and connecting with women so that you have the strategic superiority with women... 

    • Where your problems with women come from, and the secret to succeeding with women.

    • The secret to melting a woman's resistance to you by using ONE simple strategy - THE magic key - when you meet women and talk to women... 

    • And MUCH MUCH more.... 

"Turbo-Charge Dating Secrets Archive"

A compilation of several hours of some of the most rare podcast recordings (no longer available anywhere else) where Carlos will teach you: 

    • Top dating questions from guys like you, including how you handle the women that try to pressure you into commitment or marriage, as well as how to get "physical" with women... 

    • How to understand a woman's emotional cycles and thinking as well as what it is that women really want from men... 

    • The truth about what "confidence" is - and how you develop it quickly and easily by short-circuiting the "limiting beliefs" you're carrying around.... 

    • Why it's so hard for guys to be "happy" and "blissed" out and why it's not in our nature to feel good without learning these KEY strategies for self-control... 

    • Why we feel paralyzed and insecure when it comes to approaching attractive women and talking to hot girls - and the secrets for how to get rid of the fear and overcome it in just a few seconds... 

    • Carlos' infamous "Kick in the Butt" podcast where he talks you through any situation where you feel anger for anything a woman has ever done to you - bad breakup, bad fight, dumped you - WHATEVER - Carlos will get you over any situation where you just "can't get over her..." 

    • And MUCH more... 

"No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Alpha Masculinity Primer"

In this 35 minute program, Carlos will motivate you and coach you through the most important understanding of who you are - as a MAN. 

    You'll learn: 

    • The 4 Key traits of the "Alpha Man" - and how these character traits will either communicate masculinity if you use them the right way, or wussy behavior if you use them the wrong way... 

    • Carlos' Life Mission Exercise - when you're done with this one dead simple practice, you'll know what your life is about and what your true purpose is here... 

    • The one key trait you must have with a woman to have success over the long term and avoid the divorce trap... 

    • The definition of true "Masculinity" and what it takes to be a Man today in a woman's world - hint: it's probably NOT what you're thinking! 

"The Art of Attraction"

In this 50 page Q&A ebook from Carlos Xuma, you will get the answers to the top questions guys ask about women and dating - and the answers that the other "gurus" are afraid to share with you. This is an unflinching and realistic exposure of how to really win the game of dating and attraction. 

    • Learn the three essential attitudes that draw women to men

    • These Three Attitudes will improve your image 100+% in the eyes of the women you approach and date... 

    • How to "close the deal" with women more consistently and regularly by learning how most guys screw up things with women and shut themselves out... 

    • How to date the women who have busy, active lifestyles - the quality women who can be difficult to connect with - and the big trap that guys fall into with these women that leaves them frustrated and compromised... 

    • The three "S"s of how to impress a woman and reach her on a level that tells her "Hey, this guy is just like me..." 

    • How to get rid of fear and nervousness around women that sabotages your efforts to get phone numbers and dates... 

    • Whew! I’m worn out just talking about all of the bonuses that make the Dating Mentors Program such an incredible value. 

    • And what a value it truly is when you tally up the price of the bonuses alone.  

Take a closer look… That's an extra 9 bonuses!

That’s a staggering $454.80! 

But today you can own the entire Date Mentors Program for just $77…if you choose. 

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